Is Lavgine free for uncommercial ?

Absolutly YES!

Is Lavgine free for commercial ?

No. But don't be sad. Read question below.

How much Lavgine costs ?

Lavgine use royalty license. Which means you need to transfer 15% from your income where Lavgine is used. This means any form: sales, services, training, advertisements, sponsorships, endorsements, memberships, subscription fees, in-game transactions, rentals and pay-to-play. Again, don't be sad. You can develop your game in Lavgine and if you don't earn anything you simply don't pay anything. You pay only when you earn. Yup... It's that simple. Paying helps Lavgine be a better engine so don't be evil and don't cheat ^^ 

In what intervals are the royalties checked?

Quarterly, no later than 30 days after the end of each calendar quarter.

How is revenue calculated for the purpose of calculating the Lavgine royalty?

Your Lavgine royalty is only calculated on revenue you receive. If your Lavgine app generated $100.00 of retail or online sales but you are paid only 70% due to a 30% distribution fee your Lavgine royalty is calculated on the $70.00 you actually received. See..., Lavgine is developer friendly.

Can I buy Lavgine C++ sources ?

Dont sure ? If you want to buy Lavgine sources send me an email.

Is there an C++ SDK ?

Yes. But it's not ready yet.

If there will be SDK for other programming languages ?

No and I don't planning to.

Is it cross-platfrom ?

Yes. Lavgine supports Windows and Linux.

What platforms will be available ?

I'm planning to support as many platforms as I can.

If there are any tools for Lavgine ?

Not yet. Working on it.