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VERSION 1.x.x.x and above (Piotr Matyja)

The following product user agreement contains lawfully combined agreement between private/lawful person and Lavgine producent.
Through installing, copying or other use of part or whole product, user agrees to follow the mentioned rules.
If user does not agree to follow this agreement, they cannot use, copy, spread or other use of part or whole product.

"Agreement" - the following "Lavgine" user agreement.
"User" - private or lawful person.
"Producent" - "Lavgine" producent.
"Product" - part or whole "Lavgine" product.
"Composition" - work of the user, with use of original source files (*.H) and original binary files (*.DLL, *.LIB, *.EXE) of "Lavgine" product.
"Uncommercial" - way of use "Lavgine" described in 2.1 section.
"Commercial" - way of use "Lavgine" described in 2.2 section.

Following rights are available for the user, until all of them are followed:

1. Installing and use:
User can install and use the product on any quantity of computers and copies. User can take only one of the ways of product use, described in section 2.
User has no right to modify source files (*.H) and binary files (*.DLL, *.LIB, *.EXE), to spread product as their own. Decompiling, disassemblence and Reverse Engineering of binary files (*.DLL, *.LIB, *.EXE) are also forbidden.

2. The ways of product use (user has a right to choice only ONE of methods, and follow it strictly):
2.1 Uncommercial.
User can use binary files (*.DLL, *.EXE), and resources in any kind of use, unless they gain profits or break the law described in section 1.
2.2 Commercial.
User can use binary files (*.DLL, *.LIB, *.EXE), source files (*.H) and resources in any kind of use, unless they break the law described in section 1.
If they use product to gain funds in any way, user is obliged to transfer 15% of the profits, or discuss the quantity and transfer method individually with producent.

3. Copyright
3.1 User is obliged to place well-seen information about product used within composition.
3.2 User's laws maintain at full while commercial using. While user decides to use the composition as uncommercial, the producent gains a possibility to spread it trough "Lavgine" product service, advertising the product and the composition as well.
3.3 The user is under obligation to allow the producent to put the information about the composition in "Lavgine" service.

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